Biggy vs. Fay

To retard his decrepitude, Biggy's chiropractor makes him lie flat on the floor for ten minutes every evening. It's supposed to help his back.


Jennifer said...

Nice use of the words "Biggy" and "retard" in the same sentence here T! Bravo!

Collin said...

Fabtastic. It would have been even funnier if she had peed on his head.

biggy said...

J, don't be a hater.

Collin, keep your fantasies to yourself, please.

T, nice passive-aggressive response because I got to MTB all day and you didn't.

Tania Rochelle said...

I was just giving the people what they want.

Ken said...

Well, actually, I wanted Fay Vs. Stella, but this was a good consolation.

Your poor husband. He's getting attached by a ferocious animal, stuck flat on his back, while you get on him for his "language," as if Fay might learn some new words, then don't even bother to save the man's poor sunglasses.

I would say things would get better when she's no longer small and cute, but she's a Chiuaha (sp.), so who knows when that will be.

ads. said...

Looks like Biggy needs some mosquito repellant.

Ty said...

You know I actually was about to abandon my idea of Fay being an attack dog. Now, I'm not so sure.

chrissy said...

Yes, Friday Fay Fights!

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