Two Down

Sadie left for Costa Rica on Saturday; Georgia left for college this morning. And, yes, I am a mess.

by Angela Shaw

They don’t wade in so much as they are taken.
Deep in the day, in the deep of the field,
every current in the grasses whispers hurry
hurry, every yellow spreads its perfume
like a rumor, impelling them further on.
It is the way of girls. It is the sway
of their dresses in the summer trance-
light, their bare calves already far-gone
in green. What songs will they follow?
Whatever the wood warbles, whatever storm
or harm the border promises, whatever
calm. Let them go. Let them go traceless
through the high grass and into the willow-
blur, traceless across the lean blue glint
of the river, to the long dark bodies
of the conifers, and over the welcoming
threshold of nightfall.


Rupert said...

but there's still Jack and Lo and Faye and Biggy the taxi-lover . . . . and us!
what are we, chopped liver?
don't answer that . . . ;)

on our way back from Fla. we had lunch at Hildegard's in Valdosta - thought of you - I told Kathy of your "theatre" experience w Miss Daisy . . . . we laughed . . .
there, cheered-up yet?
oh well, I tried . . .

Jennifer said...

Where did Georgia go to college?

mamoo said...

zyvgicftania, did i ever tell you that you have more artistic talent in your little finger than most people have in their whole body.

Tania Rochelle said...

Rupert, you helped.

Jennifer, she's at Berry (no stalkers please).

Mamoo, stop sounding like my mom.

Collin said...

This calls for another puppy.


How about some cats? Montana and I have some cats that might enjoy some temporary foster care.

Jennifer said...

You should have sent her to UGA so I could keep an eye on her or at least look the other way.

ktothefe said...

You should write a little ditty about this and play it on your guitar!

biggy said...

J, seriously. You know I couldn't allow her to attend that cesspool in Athens.

Tracie said...

I think my mom did a little jig when I left for college, secretly.

Rachel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachel said...

my mom was a mess when i left too. actually, i think she still is a mess, and it's been 5 years. not really, but we do talk on the phone 5-8 times a day like crazy ladies.

i'm sure this is no consolation now, but, your girls will be fine. they will find mentors to guide them much like you do for all of us at pc. you probably don't get thanked enough, but if it wasn't for you, i would have lost my sanity long, long ago. so, thank you.

Tania Rochelle said...

Collin, Biggy won't let us get another puppy until Daisy dies.

Mary, it would make for some good videos over here.

Jennifer, I tried.

K, I'm not that ambitious.

Tracie, I'll bet she did. Right before she cried into her pillow.

Rachel, what a sweet thing to say!

Jennifer said...

Are you saying you'd rather have her on the receiving end of a train pulled at Florida by fratboy Gator fans?

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