Saturday Things You Might Not Know

In keeping with this past week's main theme, and to keep Jennifer happy, I bring news of a product you might not have heard of:
You can thank me later.


Collin said...

Yeah, but it won't kill the stank eminating from your ass. What they reall need to create is "Fart-Be-Gone." :)

ads. said...

Cellophaning the toilet puts on a TRANSPARENT seal, and it's a heck of a lot funnier!
Collin-I don't know if "Fart-be-gone" or BEANO or GAS-X really works, but where's the fun in that anyway... at my age, it's one of the few simple pleasures I have left! :)

Jennifer said...

This will make an excellent stocking stuffer at Chirstmas this year for my brother and my uncle!

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